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Tips on low-maintenance landscaping

A lot of great features and plants can add beauty to your front yard but end up taking a lot of time to maintain throughout the year. To keep things manageable, consider these tips before any front yard landscaping project.

  1. Research the growth and maintenance of your plants before buying. Some ground cover like Myrtle or Stonecrop can get out of hand fast, so look for varieties that only need edging one or two times a year.
  2. Plant perennials wherever possible. Annual flowers provide a lot of color and dimension to a flower bed, but they last for just a few months. For veteran landscapers, an easy trick is to mostly invest in perennial shrubs and bushes to do most of the work year after year, and then work in annuals if you have the time and desire.
  3. Maintain your garden bed edges. This does take a little work, but it’s well worth it later. By using a simple edging shovel, you can easily and quickly maintain clean lines around the features that you invested time and money to build. A good garden edge is seldom noticed, but the lack of one presents a messy look that takes time to dig out and redefine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How much does it cost to landscape a front yard?


The main thing you will need is tools, so invest in a spade, garden rake, hand trowel, and a good wheelbarrow. These tools will cost you less than $150 and will last for several years of landscaping projects and maintenance. Make a list of what you’ll need for your next landscaping project and set a reasonable budget.

Q:How can I make my front yard look better?


Even the most simple front yard landscaping ideas will be underwhelming without neat trim, healthy plants, and green grass. Focus your energy on maintaining clean lines around your landscaping elements and helping your grass and plants look vibrant and healthy.

Q:What landscaping is worth doing on my own?


Most simple front yard projects can be handled fairly easily without help, even for a novice. But projects that require hauling a large amount of dirt, rock, or bigger plants might be worth bringing in the pros. Even if you don’t have a vehicle that can haul these elements, nurseries across the country offer delivery services for mulch and plants at reasonable costs.

Q:What’s the difference between landscaping and maintenance?


Landscaping is making the elements, and maintenance is keeping those elements looking nice. Improving the look of your lawn’s grass by aerating, composting, or reseeding is an essential landscaping task that you can hire out, but it’s also easy to do once a year. Beyond that, normal edging, mowing, and pruning of your landscaping elements are considered maintenance.

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