simple monkey lawn care and sprinkler
simple monkey lawn care and sprinkler

If you’re tired of dragging hoses across your lawn every time you have to water, then it’s time to have an automatic lawn irrigation system design and installed. Simple Monkey Lawn & Sprinklers has been designing, installing and servicing lawn irrigation systems throughout Salt Lake County, and Davis County. Simple Monkey Lawn & Sprinklers is fully licensed and insured. Installing a new automatic lawn system will provide you benefits year after year.

  • With a lawn sprinkler system:
  • You’ll Save Time: Your system will do it for you automatically
  • You’ll Save Water: Your system will be controlled by the latest technology that will not only automatically turn it on and off but it will even detect the amount of rainfall and shutoff the system in the event of rain.
  • You’ll save money: Not only will your system deliver the proper amount of water to just the right areas but your landscaping will thrive and flourish due to the consistently adequate watering.

Irrigation Design

A Simple Monkey Lawn & Sprinklers automatic irrigation designer will meet with you at your home to evaluate and discuss the watering requirements for your landscape. A thorough evaluation of the water pressure and water volume as well as electrical sources are performed to ensure that all dynamics are considered during the irrigation design phase. Our irrigation specialist will guide you into the best lawn sprinkler system for your home and budget.

Sprinkler Installation:

Since 2019 Simple Monkey Lawn & Sprinklers has been specializing in residential irrigation system design and drip irrigation systems. Over the years, Simple Monkey’s unique process for the installation of sprinkler systems has been customized for each individual home and landscape design. An irrigation installation begins with the design and is carried through to the set-up of each sprinkler head, the location of the control valves, the installation of the pipe and the mounting of the control timer and rain sensor. Some of the unique features developed by Simple Monkey Lawn & Sprinklers used during the installation of a lawn sprinkler system are list below:

  • State-of-the-art pipe laying equipment to ensure that most residential irrigation systems are installed in just one day with minimal, if any signs of lawn disturbance.
  • Existing sidewalks and driveways are no problem to cross under using our air powered punches and boring equipment. Sprinkler piping is installed under these obstructions so there is no need for cutting, breaking or patching.
  • For the delicate areas such flower beds and vegetable gardens, Pacific uses the tried and true method of hand trenching to preserve the integrity of the existing root structure and plant material. Sprinkler System Components:

Simple Monkey Lawn & Sprinklers is an authorized service representative for all the major lawn sprinkler product lines and manufacturers such as: Hunter Industries, Toro Lawn Sprinklers, Rainbird Sprinklers, and K Rain. The following are several sprinkler products typically required in most automatic irrigation designs.