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Sprinkler Installation

If your home does not have a landscape irrigation system, now is the perfect time to install one. Our Simple Monkey Pros are experienced at designing highly efficient irrigation systems that save you time and water, while also giving you the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood.

Nozzle automatic lawn watering macro close up

Hydro-Rain / Blu-Lock

Hydro-Rain is committed to being the industry leader in technology and advanced products. Our products are built to exacting standards and with forethought given where advancements in technology can take your business.

K-Rain Sprinkler Heads

Homeowners, whether you’re installing a new sprinkler system, or servicing an existing one, let K-Rain’s innovative and easy to use irrigation products beautify your landscape! With a full range of water-conserving sprinklers, sprays, spray nozzles, electric irrigation valves and water-smart irrigation controllers, we have your lawn and garden irrigation needs efficiently covered.


System Specifications:

  • 100% turf coverage guaranteed
  • Hydro-Rain® and K-Rain® equipment
  • Hydro-Rain Smart water controllers 
  • Hydro-Rain® Blu-Lock® high density polyethylene pipes
  • Backflow preventer
  • 2-year warranty on all parts and labor
  • 3-year parts warranty on parts with service plan

Simple Monkey specializes in installing all-inclusive lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems by Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock pipes and valve’s, K-Rain sprinkler heads, the leaders in residential irrigation equipment. Our sprinkler systems in not PVC it’s a high quality poly pipes.