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Referral Rewards

Referrals from our clients have been the cornerstone of our growth. Simple Monkey Sprinklers offers a Referral Program which thanks you for recommending your friends and family with valuable coupons worth $10.00.


Spring Start-Up Sprinklers

The long winter, freezing temperatures and snow can be extremely harsh on your lawn sprinkler system’s components. A systematic and professional spring start up process for your sprinkler system must be performed to ensure the irrigation system is in top working order. A common misconception is that a sprinkler system turn on is “just turning on the valve”. On the contrary, Simple Monkey Sprinklers has detailed, proven irrigation solutions to ensure your sprinkler system is operating at its best.

Simple Monkey Sprinklers 10 Point Checklist is what separates the DIY guy, the handyman, and the landscaper from the professionally trained irrigation technicians.

Winterizing Sprinklers

When winterized correctly, your lawn sprinkler system will be ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it over the winter season. As spring rolls around again and the temperature begins to increase, you can be assured that the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at Simple Monkey Sprinklers will be on the job ready to do it all over again.