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Sprinkler Repair

We go the extra effort to make sure we’re doing right by our customers in every way, every day.  It’s because of these things, we believe you’ll feel the difference when you work with us.

roror head

Retro-Fitting Existing Systems

  • Update old controllers with new smart water controllers, weather stations and rain sensors
  • Replace old, wasteful heads with pressure regulated smart water heads
  • Calibrate systems to ensure efficient and uniform watering  – highly recommended for all systems
  • Add/remove heads
  • Add zones

Repair On Existing Systems

  • Broken or leaking sprinkler heads
  • Malfunctioning control units
  • Zones that don’t work or that constantly run
  • Heads that need relocating
  • Leaking/broken pipes
  • Defective rain sensors

Systems Check & Tune-Ups

  • Check entire system for leaks
  • Check all valves and heads for proper operation
  • Adjust all heads for maximum coverage
  • Program system controller for seasonal needs
  • Check rain sensor operation
  • Backflow testing is available

Our Warranty

30 Day Warranty 

Sprinkler Tune-Up Service has a 30 day warranty.

1 Year Warranty 

All Installed Parts and labor are covered under our one year warranty. Warranty includes only parts installed by Simple Monkey Sprinklers. 


Improper usage of the system. Any damage caused by freezing, fire, flooding, or any natural event or phenomena, driving over the system, and any heavy objects dropped on the products. 


Quality matters! Our parts are top of the line, brand names that are widely recognized as being the best quality on the market.